About Wiki Loves Monuments

Welcome to the local contest of Wiki Loves Monuments in Hungary organized in cooperation between Wikimedia Hungary and the Hungarian National Asset Management Inc. Wiki Loves Monuments began in the Netherlands in 2010 and has since grown to become a global competition in photography. The first year resulted in 12 500 photographs taken whilst in 2011 nearly 170 000 photographs were uploaded setting the Guinness Record for the largest photography competition in the world. The Hungarian contest that year resulted in 5000 image uploads. While Hungary did not participate in the 2012 worldwide contest, it beat its own record by resulting in more than 350 000 photographs uploaded. With your participation Hungary can be part again of the 2013 world record attempt!


Take part in photographing heritages and monuments in Hungary this September! You can find the list of eligible Hungarian monuments here, on the map, or on your mobile through our Android app.

Main rules

  • The number of photos each participant can submit is unlimited.
  • Each photo uploaded must have a title and the identifier number of the monument
    (it is in the second column of the monuments list entitled "Azonosító").
  • Watermarked images are not allowed and will be disqualified.
  • There is no minimum image size, but we encourage you to submit photographs with the maximum resolution possible.
  • Only photographs with Creative Commons Attribution or Attribution-Share Alike licences will be accepted.
  • Only minor digital improvements to the pictures are allowed.

How to participate

Find the monument on the map and click the upload button ("Kép feltöltése") on the small popup.
Note: only monuments displayed on the map or listed on Wikipedia are eligible for WLM Hungary 2013. You may also use the Upload Wizard directly, but please do not forget to describe your images in a way that the depicted monument can be identified.

You can follow the Hungarian competition live on Wikimedia Commons.